Tag: Desesh


  • Desesh

    During a routine operation, Desesh and his crewman were shipwrecked on the planet Dusk. While most of the crew were scattered or killed on impact, Desesh and his fellow troop Perceval managed to remain on the ship as it landed. Deciding that he didn't …

  • The spider

    A beast with fangs two cubits long and a paralytic venom to boot, the spider was once a beast to behold and be feared. That was, until Desesh and Reggie crippled him and left him to die after a less than productive interrogation. Little did they know, …

  • Losera the sorceress

    Desesh and Reggie encountered Sati on the planet Dusk, after she destroyed an overeager suitor. Impressed with Desesh and annoyed with Reggie, she led the pair to Inquisitor Ahmazzi's camp, secretly enchanting Reggie to turn him into a ticking timebomb.