Rise of the Corrupt


The acolytes returned to Inquisitor Ahmazzi to find him missing and replaced with the mysterious man Commander Magnus, he claimed that their past inquisitor has been using the group to find information on the Chaos, not to stop them but for his own power and has been doing this for years to increase his power. Now the acolytes own loyalty is being questioned for they themselves did work for Ahmazzi, so to prove their loyalty they must go back to Malfi to assassinate the noble Cromwell who has been conducting heresy himself. The acolytes headed back to Malfi with little choose. After a long firefight the acolytes made there way to Cromwell’s chambers to find him writing an important documents, after questioning Cromwell they found out he wasn’t a heretic at all but instead he was a man with evidence proving that Magnus was the true heretic. The acolytes speared Cromwell and went to Magnus to only find that their shop was gone and in it’s place was a unite of Kill Squad Troopers waiting for them



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