This is the portal for my Dark Heresy setting titled “Rise of the Corrupt.” I hope to make a magnificent roleplaying experience. This is my first time running a Dark Heresy game and thus far it has been supurb. This is a place for my players to read up on the mythos, the quest they are undertaking and the other aclodytes accompaning them.

Under this setting the players are working for the excommunicated inquisitor Ahmazzi who has been falsely accused of heresy by the rival inquisitor Caption Magnus. Moreover, a Chaos Lord who goes by the name of Vecktimist running rampant around the sector while Magnus begins his corrupt reign over the government of the Imperum. Now, it is up to the few loyal acolytes of Ahmazzi to take down these two evils and prove inquisitor Ahmazzi’s innocence alongside their own.

I hope my players will enjoy the story I have devised and constructed and in due time they may stop the two dark powers that wish to bring the Imperuim to it’s knees. I thank you for your patronage and I desire as much feedback as possible.

Rise of the Corrupt